Name & description

Telefonhuset - a Norwegian e-commerce selling phone cases

Project type

E-commerce (freelance work)


- Launch a new online business only in the Norwegian market and specifically for Norwegian men (aged 18-65, businessmen and young professionals interested in fashion, technology, design)

- Create a trustworthy and appealing e-commerce UI starting from a partially established brand identity

- Establish the UX


A functioning e-commerce with an appealing and trustworthy UI catering to the brand’s market and target audience and an intuitive, sales-driving UX tailored to its users.

My role

UI & UX Designer

The primary goals for this e-commerce included:

- Selecting your phone model and having the user experience tailored around that selection

- Steering customers towards navigating the website as much as possible and take action

- Immediately clarify as many doubts/questions users might have about products, shipment, etc. as possible

- Having efficient and users oriented means of purchasing one or more products

Information architecture